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We are

Based in Switzerland, our scope is to provide reliable consulting services ranging from Inspection to Big Data & Machine learning applied to industry.


We can provide consulting solutions for document like welding books, NDE procedures, testing procedures, as well as trained inspectors and expeditors with skill inspection vessels, heat exchangers, valves, chemical reactors, compressors, pumps, welding supervisors &inspectors and coating/corrosion inspectors

Big data

Every second gigabytes of information is generated, from wearables to industrial sensors. One of the critical activity of gathering data is to filter, de-noise and verify data quality. As a company, we can provide reliable data, outlooks and forecast that will help your company to get more information to reach target, market analysis, trends and future development.

As Edward Deming said ” Without data, you are just another person with opinion”

Machine learning

A powerfull development in computer & data science. Using algorithms and programming skills, we can provide a tool to use data and provide useful information about trends starting from information retrieved. Machine learning can help to take decision on wether replace an equipment or study the production of a plant.