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With a proven track of experience of consulting in quality services, we can provide with reliability and integrity, solutions in quality control matters, inspections, expediting and documentation review/document controller.

Quality check

In the process of supplying an equipment, Quality Control (QC) deals with the correct fulfillment of the rules, specifications and / or requests that determine the correspondence and adequacy of the product to its intended use.
Helvetica Technical Consulting with its own inspectors and equipment, can assist and follow the manufacturing and testing process, in the following phases:

o Incoming quality control of raw materials
o Non-destructive checks,
o Mechanical tests and material certification according to ISO 10474, ISO 404 and EN 10204.

Quality control during manufacturing

o Heat treatments
o Forging & melting
o Non-destructive checks after mechanical processing
o Welding monitoring and fit up

Quality control on the finished product

o Final test
o Visual inspection & coating
o Expediting
o Packing

The experience allows us to check in terms of mechanical and electromechanical controls, different types of equipment and skids:

API-6A valves – API-6D valves – Control valves – Fans – Turbines – Tank – Degasser – Piping – Boiler – Heat exchangers – Pneumatic Actuators – Hydraulic actuators – Electric Actuators – Gear box – Scada Systems – HIPPS security systems.

In order to guarantee the quality and impartiality of our service, the personnel working within Helvetica Technical Consulting are certified according to the following international standards:
Non-destructive examination Inspectors certified according to ISO9712 on methods (VT-RT-PT-UT-MT-TT) Level 2-3
Welding inspector certified according to the TWI scheme CSWIP 3.1 Level 2 IWI Certified inspectors Coating inspector according to the American NACE CIP scheme – levels 1-2-3.


We can provide documentation review & consulting like welding books, WPS, WPQR assistance according to ASME & ISO standards.