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Wind Power Generation

A technical review

Wind power generation is the most preferred among all renewable sources of energy, since the ratio between the dimension of the basement with energy produced is very high if compared with solar or hydro.

Wind power generation is not a new technology. The first turbine used for power generation was built in 1883 in Glasgow Scotland by professor James Blyth

The world’s first windfarm was in 1980 consisting of 20 turbines is built in New Hampshire, but due to a failure, the project was abandoned

But after 10 year of experimenting and testing, the first offshore wind farm was installed in the 90’s in Vindeby (Denmark), with a total power of 450kW.

From that day, improvement in technology, R&D and materials led to increase in power generation by wind with a decreasing cost.

Power generation against wind turbine diameter

In the graph it is possible to see increasing rotor diameter and the worldwide power generation. The swing between 2013-2015 neutralize themself. From the information above it is possible to obtain the specific power generation per meter (as diameter) of the rotor.

Energy produced per meter of the rotor

It is worth to highlight that from 2008 the GW/m remains mostly unchanged until 2016; as said before the swing 2013-2015 is neutral to the analysis.